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Bishop Teresa E. Snorton!

Bishop Teresa Snorton is committed to serving God through the church and faith-based organizations in order to meet the needs of you and your family. She is a bishop, pastor, preacher, teacher, chaplain, author and executive leader in religion and pastoral care.

As an ordained CME (Christian Methodist Episcopal) minister, Bishop Snorton has a passion for the local church, but also for interfaith and multifaith initiatives that meet the needs of people and communities.

In June 2010, Rev. Dr. Snorton was elected the 59th Bishop of the CME Church, the denomination's first female elected to the episcopal office.For nine months, she served as Presiding Bishop for the Eleventh Episcopal District, which is comprised of ten countries in central and southern Africa. In March 2011, she was appointed to serve as Presiding Bishop of the Fifth Episcopal District (Alabama and Florida), where she served until July 2022. She is currently the denomination's first Ecumenical Bishop and Program Development Officer.

In addition to her episcopal duties, Bishop Snorton is a pastoral care provider and educator. She is available to preach, speak or lead workshops and seminars on a variety of topics related to spirituality, pastoral care, religion and health, end-of-life, women's faith, and multicultural issues.

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